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If you're involved in end of life vehicle depollution then this site is for you. Whether you are an ATF just involved with depollution or a vehicle dismantler who sells used parts and salvage, then our aim is to keep you up to date with changes affecting your industry.

There was a time when we simply got on with the job and the rest of the world left us alone but times have changed. Now we are an integral part of the waste industry (although it's always been hard to understand) and we have to keep abreast of all the changes affecting our businesses.

To make finding what you want easy, the most recent articles are listed in the right hand column and below you will find links to our past emails.

Editor Chris Floate
ATF Professional's editor, Chris Floate.
ATF Professional's editor, is Chris Floate. Chris has been involved with writing and editing magazines which cover our industry since the mid 1980's. Having a background prior to this in technical writing, Chris took on the editorship of Recycling World in 1987. The title was aimed at those individuals and businesses involved in recycling. At the time this was mainly scrap metal and vehicle dismantling. During his 14 years, the recycling industry developed from what was very much a financially driven market to the environmentally driven market it is today.

Recycling world was at the forefront of this fast changing and developing market, giving in depth analysis and direction to the growing need for environmental awareness. Whilst still editor of Recycling World, in 1998 Chris took on the editorship of The Landscaper, the leading magazine for the landscape trades.

Over the last 15 years, Chris has also edited the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers' Association and as such has experienced the many changes to our industry first hand. In ATF Professional he shares that wealth of knowledge with the whole industry.

Latest stories

Scotland’s cash ban comes into force
It’s a few years now since the England and Wales saw the demise of cash paid for scrap metals and end of life vehicles. but since September 1st, 2016 Scotland’s scrap merchants and vehicle dismantlers can no longer pay cash and must now verify the identity of the seller.
Major expansion at FAB Recycling
What do you do when your own success holds you back? That’s where Fab Recycling were, having outgrown their existing site and needing more capacity to continue going forward. Well that problem is now behind them with the recent acquisition of a 6.5 acre site in Cinderford.
Automotive Aluminium set to increase
A study carried out by Ducker Worldwide, forecasts the aluminium content in cars to increase by up to 30% over the next ten years.
Want a healthy business?
Then you need to be in the know. It’s very easy, particularly if things are relatively easy, to simply get on with your life and not pay too much attention to what’s going on around you. But so many times, that’s when you take your eye off the ball and all can go wrong.
1,000 new illegal waste sites every year
Last month, the Environment Agency published updated regulatory guidance to help reduce the risk and impact of fires at regulated waste sites. This comes after a three month consultation with industry, local authorities, regulators and the general public.
UK car manufacturing achieves 14 year high
This August, UK car manufacturing achieves 14 year high. Although, the exports the big drive, UK home sales also saw healthy growth which can only be good for all our futures.
Vehicle dismantling - is there a future?
don’t need to tell anyone that the motor vehicle is changing with an ever increasing range of materials technologies and high value, high tech parts being introduced as each month goes by. Can the industry capitalise on this or are we looking at a future where parts sales are all but banned due to safety concerns put about by the manufactures to protect their sales.
New insurance deal launched
Getting good insurance cover is essential if you want to protect your business, and it hasn’t always been that easy for the auto recycler. Thankfully, independent insurance broker, Ingram Hawkins & Nock (IHN) has been working hard behind the scenes to put together a new deal for the vehicle dismantler.