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If you're involved in end of life vehicle depollution then this site is for you. Whether you are an ATF just involved with depollution or a vehicle dismantler who sells used parts and salvage, then our aim is to keep you up to date with changes affecting your industry.

There was a time when we simply got on with the job and the rest of the world left us alone but times have changed. Now we are an integral part of the waste industry (although it's always been hard to understand) and we have to keep abreast of all the changes affecting our businesses.

To make finding what you want easy, the most recent articles are listed in the right hand column and below you will find links to our past emails.

Editor Chris Floate
ATF Professional's editor, Chris Floate.
ATF Professional's editor, is Chris Floate. Chris has been involved with writing and editing magazines which cover our industry since the mid 1980's. Having a background prior to this in technical writing, Chris took on the editorship of Recycling World in 1987. The title was aimed at those individuals and businesses involved in recycling. At the time this was mainly scrap metal and vehicle dismantling. During his 14 years, the recycling industry developed from what was very much a financially driven market to the environmentally driven market it is today.

Recycling world was at the forefront of this fast changing and developing market, giving in depth analysis and direction to the growing need for environmental awareness. Whilst still editor of Recycling World, in 1998 Chris took on the editorship of The Landscaper, the leading magazine for the landscape trades.

Over the last 15 years, Chris has also edited the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers' Association and as such has experienced the many changes to our industry first hand. In ATF Professional he shares that wealth of knowledge with the whole industry.

Latest stories

Information is power!
So someone once said and it’s not hard to understand the thinking behind it. The same thinking goes into planning conference programmes and CARS2016 is no exception. The show has many aspects but the conference sessions are where you can really glean information. Here we take a quick look at what’s on offer.
New member of the board at FAB
As part of the company’s growth plans within the emerging green parts market, FAB Recycling Ltd has added Tim McCarthy to its Board of Directors.
Another road trip planned to the ARA convention
Back in November last year, we reported on the road trip that had been organised for UK dismantlers wanting to visit the ARA conference. The trip was so successful they’re doing it again, so if you missed out last year, then there’s another chance but be warned, spaces are limited!
MVDA to publish industry handbook
The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association has been busy recently with something other than keeping track of what government departments or the Environment Agency are up to. They’ve put together an auto recycler’s handbook and directory to help all those in and associated with the trade.
He walked up to me and she asked me to dance
Showing my age now but this is what I always think of when anyone mentions the abbreviation for the particular piece of health and safety legislation that I am going to write about in this article.
Blue Group changes events Focus following successful 2015
Blue Group won't be at RWM this year, so get yourself along to CARS to see the very latest of what's on offer.
Is it time to move into scrap?
Let’s face it, you have the raw material and with CARS 2016 almost upon us, you have the perfect opportunity to look at new ways to generate future profits.
Trents install two SEDA MDS6 depollution containers
Following last month’s report, SEDA-Environmental UK Ltd is now up and running with its new set up in the UK, and the first order is under the belt.