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Throwing away profit in the battery bin?

Traction Charger
Vehicle dismantlers recycle a large amount of batteries each year. This charger claims to make many more of those batteries saleable again.
Have you ever counted just how many batteries you throw into your scrap bins for recycling? Let’s face it, those scrap batteries are a nice little earner but according to Dave Hill of BATS UK, you are probably throwing away batteries that are perfectly seviceable and should be sold as working batteries. That’s a much better deal than the scrap price, even with the price of lead as it is!

What Dave Hill is telling us about is a piece of equipment that will quickly and accurately help you decide whether or not to scrap a battery, or to sell it as a working product. Apparently, many batteries are mistakenly thought of as ‘had it’ when the only issue with them is that they have become sulphated up. BATSUK have a charger that will not only tell you quickly if a battery is serviceable or not, but it is also capable of recovering batteries from a sulphated state, and return them back to usable batteries.

This is all thanks to some proven and patented software that the Traction Charger uses. This may be new to this industry but the product has been used for many years within the OEM and Dealer markets. This specialist charger can recover a battery from below 1 volt, according to Dave, something that both normal chargers and some expensive high end chargers may claim to do, but can often only really dream off. Nissan Europe had this to say about the product, “A number of years ago your chargers replaced the existing chargers on one of the Nissan compounds. From that moment the number of batteries which could not be recovered dropped by around 95% (or even more; can’t remember exactly the numbers but it was amazing)".

So, instead of throwing batteries in the scrap bin for the sake of a few £££, with this equipment you should be able to turn them into serviceable batteries that will earn you more money - and you’re helping the environment as re-use is always better than recycling.

If you would like to know more, you can contact Traction Chargers on 01380 738959. If any reader has one of these units please give us your comments at the bottom of page.

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