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Safety when working on and around airbags

Safety and Health practitioner, Phil Wass takes a close look at issues surrounding the safe handling of airbags. It is quite a long article but the information is essential knowledge for vehicle dismantlers and depolluters.
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Vortex Depollution Systems

Getting oil and grease out of your intercepters

Hybrids hitting our yards

We are all too well aware of the role interceptors play in our yards to prevent oils, greases and solvents escaping into the wider environment, not to mention the costs associated with their maintenance. We have found a company that makes a neat little product that can often mean that the water and oil can be recycled, helping to avoid the liabilities and costs associated with disposal
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Have you submitted your recycling returns yet?

The deadline for submitting your returns to show the level of recovery carried out on end of life vehicles has moved from April 1st to July 1st. So, anyone who doesn’t use a service such as CarTakeBack or Autogreen, must send in their own figures by July 1st. Read the full article here

Abanaki Oil Skimmers

You little ripper!

Traction Chargers

Well it may not be so little but when we saw this unit in action in the States we thought that it might be of interest to UK dismantlers. The unit is in simple terms, an engine ripper but if you watch the video (there is a link on the website) you will see it’s far more than that.
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Why is our industry so neglected?

Our industry, and I include related industries such scrap metal have no decent trade event in this country. Years ago, RWM used to be quite good but nowadays it is as far removed from our businesses as the motor show is. By that I mean, yes, we are involved with motor vehicles and yes, we are legally wrapped up with the waste industry, but as much as new cars are not really our scene nor is the waste sector.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers
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