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Yard based show will be a must for Vehicle Recyclers everywhere!

Working equipment a key part of CARS
Attending CARS could seriously improve your business - where else can you see real live demos, meet buyers and sellers and learn some new tricks to make your business run better.
Next June will be a great opportunity for vehicle recyclers from not only the UK, but Europe and further afield when the Complete Auto Recycling Show - CARS, opens its doors near Liverpool. Running concurrently will be the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling 2012, which attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. For the first time, those involved with vehicle recycling, and that includes, transport, depollution, parts, salvage, ferrous and non-ferrous processing, other recyclates and waste stream materials, will have a show designed to build this industry.

Why does the industry need this? Anyone who attended RWM last month will be more than aware that our sectors have become marginalised and the show no longer satisfies many in the industry. But, if you want to move your business forward and plan to grow, you need to be on top of the game, you need to know what’s happening, not only here but abroad as well. That’s what CARS is offering the industry. This is far more than a trade show, this is a yard based three day event, held in one of the UK and Europe’s premier vehicle dismantling yards.

So what do I think makes it special? Firstly, being yard based you can actually see machines doing the job. There is no better way to compare one product against another than having them side by side, doing what they're meant to. And it is the equipment you use that keeps you profitable - none of us could make a living chopping up cars with axes anymore!

IT show in the States
As with shows like the IT show in the States, CARS offers vehicle recyclers on this side of the pond the perfect opportunity to find out ways to improve their business
Secondly, CARS will have a comprehensive training and seminar programme running over the two days. Whether you have some staff who need a bit of air-con training, or want new ideas on maximising returns from scrap materials, increasing your sales over the internet, perhaps find out about improving yard operation or developing trade markets for green parts, CARS is all about developing business. With top speakers from the UK, Europe and USA, I believe this show is a must for anyone involved with vehicle recycling.

Thirdly, CARS is contacts and that builds business. This is a three day affair which includes an evening get together and meal. Meeting and making new friends is an integral and important part of our business which is where we currently miss out. For example, how many of you deal with Europe, CARS is the ideal place to make new contacts abroad, and not only from Europe, but worldwide. Finding new markets overseas is a major benefit for us all. As we get to know each other we tend to work more with each other and that can only lead to a better future for us all.

A couple of months back we looked at an American yard based show known as the IT show. I was given the information about the show by a forward thinking dismantler I have known for many years who is one of the driving forces behind CARS. Many of you may not be aware that there is a small group of UK based dismantlers who regularly go abroad (they are off to the ARA conference in USA next week) because they know that what they find out will pay dividends for them when they apply new ideas to their yards back home. These dismantlers tell me they’re not too sure about there being a good yard based show in the UK as they are worried we will all know as much as they do. Well if were all as switched on as these guys, this industry would be humming!

The unusual thing about CARS compared to many trade shows is that you pay to go. The cost is £50 for the first member of your group and that then reduces depending on how many of you there are. Before you shy away, ask yourself, does this represent value for money, after all that’s what’s important? There is a lot being offered for the entrance fee. From training sessions, seminars, chance to meet and do deals with buyers from the scrap processing side, make contact and do business with dismantlers both from the UK and abroad, to checking out all of the latest kit that can make your life easier. And on top of that, there is no cost once you get there. All food and drink (which I am told includes a beer wagon) is included. Throw in the evening’s dinner and entertainment, not to mention transport back to the hotel and I think this sounds like an opportunity not to be missed.

The details are still being finalised at the moment but I do know that the location will be Hills Motors in Skelmersdale (near Manchester and Liverpool) and that the date for the CARS is June 14th (Thursday), 15th (Friday) and 16th (Saturday). The final itinerary hasn’t been released yet but the Thursday will probably be a get together and chance to look around the equipment on the afternoon, followed by drinks and canopes.

This information is hot off the press and full details will be on the website as soon as we have them. What I don’t want you to think is that this is just a another trade show. It is more an event for the industry, for those who want to see the future blossom. For that to happen we must be on top of our game, and that means talking and working together. To see my point, take a walk around your site and think about those vehicles. So many more parts could be re-used, all those high values materials that are used in car making that aren’t yet being turned into profit, the ways you could develop your business to reduce costs and improve throughput - these are some of the goals we can achieve together.

As an added bonus, as we mentioned earlier, the UK is hosting the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling 2012 at the same time in Liverpool. This prestigious event attracts international visitors from around the world. Part of their stay will include Friday at CARS and they will join us for the evening’s meal and entertainment. Again another great opportunity to make international contacts.

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