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Police getting heavy handed

Cash for scrap is not due to come into force until December 3rd and, at that date won’t include end of life vehicles as they are not part of the scrap metal dealers act. Unfortunately, in the meantime we have heard reports of police forces taking it on themselves to bully individual businesses.
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New process for Car Looms solves tape issues

specialist metals from cars

Many will be aware of the challenge to traditional copper granulators when processing car looms. Put simply, the sticky residue from the tape and glue used on the wire, binds together with the plastic in the machine causing regular blockages, often killing any benefit gained.
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Vortex Depollution Systems

Technology continues to improve parts locator services

Technology has revolutionised the opportunities parts locator systems offer the vehicle dismantler. We take a look at the UK’s leading supplier, 1st Choice Spares to see what’s available from parts location companies today.
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Is this the end for part worn tyres?

Green repair

Once again, there’s pressure mounting from tyre manufacturers to ban the sale of part worn tyres, and let’s face it, for many ATFs this is a significant part of the business. If they were banned, then not only would we lose sales but all tyres would attract disposal costs which is not good news for any of us. So what can be done?
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Green Car Depollution

Why would I need an oil skimmer?

We all have interceptors fitted in our yards to prevent oils escaping but what do you do about removing that oil?
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Manitou celebrates 40 years in the UK

Manitou recently celebrated 40 years in the UK and plan to develop further into more specialised areas such as ATFs.
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