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Technology now makes life even easier

Robert Austin operating BreakerPro
Autospare's Robert Austin loves the ease at which BreakerPro works but also really appreciates the big benefits from automatic processing for areas such as Ebay and 1st Choice Spares - why tie up staff when you don't need to!
We all know about software that keeps you in control of your parts stock, we all know about selling on-line and we all know about parts locator companies. Now we can pull all these facets together, making the whole process from the motor coming through the gates to the parts being sold so much easier.

The company that’s done this is Lyons Systems with their product, BreakerPro which has been processing the stock control for a fair number of vehicle dismantling companies for a fair number of years. The whole thing about BreakerPro is simplicity. The process of taking a vehicle and adding parts to the system is pretty painless. We visited, Northamptonshire based, Autospares & Salvage to take a look at the benefits this system can offer.

Autospares director, Robert Austin more than recognises the need these days to sell to a much wider audience than the locality offers - this was the company’s drive behind installing BreakerPro which not only controls their stock, but allows them to automate the sale of parts on-line. We could spend a lot of time here looking at input screens but there are more interesting features to talk about. Take it from me, inputting parts and information has been made as simple as possible with registration number look ups and easy input for compatibility coupled with clean, uncluttered screens makes the system quick and easy to navigate around.

space savings with racking
BreakerPro's link to 1st Choice Spares means parts requests are handled automatically so you don't tie up staff. The system can even supply a more comptetitve quote if your first quote isn't accepted.
Once the parts are on the system, getting your parts on-line is very simple. Within a few keystrokes parts are uploaded to ebay, your own website and to matchapart.com, the BreakerPro site that lists all parts available from all users of the system. This allows for the customer to buy parts from different dismantlers at the one location. Discussions are currently in progress to allow for a single payment to cover multiple sites.

We mentioned compatibility earlier. This is key to increasing parts sales and BreakerPro’s Techdata will automatically apply any interchangeability of the part so you don’t ever miss a sale because it isn’t listed under a different model. Automation is critical here. BreakerPro’s Alistair Lyons recognises that these systems need to work in the background without the user having to spend valuable time and effort on it. After all, you just want to sell the parts!

Another great point with this system is the ease with which users can intertrade. BreakerPro’s design allows for users to both intertrade with fellow users or to sell each others stock, if you want to. Some dismantlers are wary of this but as Robert explained, “With fellow dismantlers that you know and trust, this can work well & is a great way to make sure you give the customer what they want, even though you may not have the parts yourself. Getting your customer to become a regular is half the battle in increasing long term parts sales”.

It doesn’t stop there, BreakerPro has another great trick up its sleeve and that involves 1st Choice Spares. Most of us know who 1st choice Spares are (we ran an article about them here). Simply put, someone looking for a part puts a request on 1st Choice’s site which then gets distributed to registered users of 1st Choice. The dismantler can then email/call the customer if they have the part. We are all well used to this concept which has played a big part in developing sales from further afield.

Now for the really clever bit. If you are both a BreakerPro and 1st Choice user, then this technology really comes into its own. Within five seconds of the request being received, Breakerpro will have checked if you have the part and emailed all the relevant information and price to the customer. You don’t have to do anything. Once the sale is accepted then you are notified to despatch it. The cleverness doesn’t stop there. If the sale isn’t successful, it will re-submit your quote with a discounted price (which has previously been set) to see if this will secure the sale. This can happen a further time as well. As I previously mentioned, once setup (which isn’t difficult) this all happens automatically. You have all the benefits of 1st Choice Spares but you don’t need an operator monitoring requests; the system does all that for you. All you need to do is send out the successful sales. The system can even text the customer (if they prefer) and they can reserve the part by texting ‘buy’ back to the system.

There is plenty happening in the pipeline from BreakerPro as well. An app for android phones is soon to be launched to allow the input of parts whilst walking around the vehicle. This is great for adding photos and creating picking lists etc. SalvagePro is also shortly to be launched to handle all your vehicle requirements. On top of that they are talking with other websites to add a variety of services for users and to help develop green parts business. All I can say is watch this space!

The cost for BreakerPro seems very competitive at £995 for the installation/set up and £160 per month maintenance. This allows for up to 5 users. It's also worth noting that MVDA members get a discount.

With 35 to 40 users in the UK and Ireland, BreakerPro have a strong base to move forward from. The system doesn’t cost you the earth and when linked to 1st Choice, things really start to happen. Click on the links to find out more about BreakerPro from Lyons Systems at Matchapart.com or 1st Choice Spares. You can also arrange for a remote demo of the system through Matchapart.com or call Lyons Systems on 01324 460460.

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