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The good and the bad of 2012

Overton's Auto Dismantling System at CARS
This year has had it's share of downers but the uppers have more than compensated. Photo shows Overton's Auto Dismantling System in operation at the CARS show. Both the tool and the show were highlights of 2013.
Plenty has happened to change our working lives over the last year and as it’s the end of the year, we thought we would take a look at the good and the bad for auto recyclers during this period.

2012 kicked off with the government announcing that they were to start prosecuting companies that failed to achieve the 85% recycling target. Since then BIS (the government department with responsibility for enforcing the target requirements) has successfully prosecuted a number of companies with fines ranging up to £4,000. So far they have only targeted those companies that have failed to supply their returns as opposed to failure to reach 85%. Speaking to MVDA chairman, Chas Ambrose recently we found out that there are still plenty of businesses who fail to complete their returns and we expect BIS will not let up on this. The answer is to make sure you’re not one of those in the firing line!

Cash for Scrap

In February, cash for scrap reared its head. This came into force for scrap metal on December 3rd, 2012 but ELVs are currently not included. The government is changing the rules so ELVs will be included in the near future and MVDA are busy fighting your corner for a sensible, workable deal.

Green Parts Washer launched

February also saw the launch of a green parts washer from Green Car Depollution. This washer is fast becoming the leader in Europe. It quickly and efficiently cleans parts using the latest bioremediation technology. Parts are left grease and residue free, there is no odour and the lid prevents evaporation. As there are no built in costs for monthly disposal of solvent, the washer is economically beneficial in addition to performance, environmental and health and safety benefits. See the article here.

EC rules payment for removal/refitting of faulty parts

March hit us with an EC ruling which meant that we are not only responsible to replace a faulty part but also to pay for the faulty part to be removed and the replacement fitted. This ruling has had great implications for the auto recycler and hopefully our prices now accommodate the extra cost imposed by this ruling. See the article here.

Green Parts Washer
The green parts washer from Green Car Depollution quickly and efficiently cleans parts using the latest bioremediation technology.

Auto Dismantling System is top

April was a good month with Overton’s showing us just how much more profit could be made from each ELV using their Auto Dismantling System. The whole idea of the excavator mounted Auto Dismantling System is to be able to separate the bulk (not every last little bit) of the high value metal from a vehicle quickly and efficiently. Actual site data covering the processing of 2,500 cars showed an increase return of 25% per vehicle. We were so impressed we have made this our product of the year! See the article here.

Threat to part worn tyre sales

Part worn tyre issues came to the fore in May with what appears to be a determined campaign by the tyre manufacturers to get rid of part worn tyre sales. This is still a hot potato and MVDA are fighting hard to ensure this area of profitable business is protected. No doubt we shall be covering this again in the near future.

New Engine crusher from JMC

JMC launched a new engine crusher in May. Known as the Cracker, the new machine can handle up to 5 tonnes of engines and gearboxes per hour and has a cycle time of 2 minutes which makes it a pretty quick bit of kit. It’s compact as well, only taking a footprint of 1.4 metre x 3.1 metres. JMC told us that size and simplicity were key to the product’s success as it needs to fit easily into the day to day operation of the site. See the article here.

Insurers throw a wobbler

The specialist insurers for our industry have had quite a year as well. Back in May we found out that Astbury Wren had gone to the wall. They were then taken over by Risk Services who, with the people you dealt with previously at Astbury Wren have continued to provide their clients with an uninterrupted service. Then in November, Royal Sun Alliance announced they were pulling out of motor trade policies. IHN, who operate the MVDA members scheme through RSA have maintained cover for members and are currently negotiating deals with other leading insurers to ensure continuation of service - what a year!

CARS - what a show

June was the highlight of the year with the CARS show at Hills Salvage and Recycling in Skelmersdale. Never before had there been a show dedicated to auto recycling in the UK and boy, what a show. Sixty+ stands covering every aspect of our business, working demonstrations of the very latest kit and a site that is second to none. We look forward to June 2014 for the next CARS show that promises to be even bigger and better.

CIS take on Iris-Mec

In September, CIS (well known for the Holmatro range of Cat cutters) took on the Iris-Mec agency. As with most companies supplying our market, Iris-Mec offers a variety of equipment so they can cater to the varying demands of different sites. Iris-Mec have installed hundreds of units throughout Europe and worldwide over the last six years. With the backing of CIS we expect Iris-Mec to be a big player in the UK market in 2013. See the article here.

VIC consultation

Also in September, the government were asking for views on VIC. The MVDA put their thoughts down and explained to government the failings of the system. In their view, VIC should be scrapped. If you want the facts and figures, take a look here.

Police get heavy handed

The police were getting heavy handed with vehicle dismantlers in October, including us in their clamp down on metal theft and cash trading. Again MVDA took up the gauntlet to inform the police that we were not covered by the scrap metal dealers act but they did advise members to co-operate.

Cable granulator solves car loom issues

Also in October, Crow Environmental launched a new cable granulator that claims to solve the problems associated with granulating car looms. We hope to visit a site operating this equipment in the New Year to see just how effective it is. Hot on its heels, Crow have also launched a new Cat de-canner this month which offers added profits to the dismantler with this process. See the article here.

So, I am sure you will agree that it’s been quite a year for the industry. There was plenty more that happened and you can always catch up by clicking on the year’s eNewsletters at the bottom right hand side of this page. Just leaves me to wish you all a prosperous New Year and we look forward to bringing you the stories as they happen in the 2013.

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