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Surprise development on standards for used parts

end of life vehicles
How much more business could we be doing? We hope this BSI initiative will be a step to opening up new markets.
Here at atfPro we have long believed that if the industry is going to capitalise on the potential of the green parts market (which is huge), then we must have standards that customers can rely on. A recent announcement by BSI makes this all rather exiting!

So what has the BSI (British Standards Institute) announced?
BSI has announced that it is in the early stages of drawing up a PAS (Publicly Available Standard) for used automotive engines, and that its first stakeholder meeting was held in mid-February. This meeting pulled together interested parties. As yet there is very little information available about the PAS as the steering committee is currently being assembled, but the work is being funded by an overseas company.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the vehicle recycling industry (BVSF and MVDA) as well as insurers and engine re-conditioners. A spokesman for the MVDA told atfPro that although it was very early on in the project, the meeting was very useful and clearly the subject was of great interest to members. The same spokesman said that both MVDA and BVSF had asked that the range of components be extended to other drive-train components such as gearboxes. Clearly ‘standards’ are a mechanism by which professional operators can be distinguished from ‘all the rest’.
Why is this so important for you?
The state of the world in which we live in these days points to ever more cost cutting to maintain competitiveness or to simply keep your head above water. Whether that’s insurance companies wanting to reduce costs, garages needing to make repairs affordable for their customers, or the general motoring public not having the spare cash to buy new anymore; the potential for the auto recycler to increase sales has never been greater. The big drawback to growth on all three of these sectors - insurers, garages and motorists is faith in our products and services.

This is where standards can really make a difference. When you buy a can of baked beans you are pretty sure what you’re going to get. OK, that may not be the case for your bargain horse burger at the moment, but it is the very fact that standards exist that the horse in beef burgers has shown itself, and it is those standards (and the policing of them) that will restore faith in the processed foods on supermarket shelves in the future. We need all buyers of after market parts to have faith in our parts. When they do, as with the beef burgers before the scare, they will sell in their droves, but when that faith is broken or in our case doesn’t exist, they will continue to pay extra for that new pattern part, which in many instances will not be as good as your second hand, oem part.

A reliable and quantifiable standard for green parts is an essential element to opening up these added markets, we shall never make the leap without them. Last year’s CARS show featured a Green Parts Forum with speakers from all sides of this market. You can read the report we published in July here.

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