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DVLA - a reader’s view

end of life vehicles
atfPro reader says it all when it comes to our feelings about DVLA
"In 2004 we were one of the seven ATFs that took part in the trial COD scheme before the full implementation of the system. The DVLA said that this system would benefit all properly licenced ATFs because it would completely wipe out the cowboy operators and would allow the DVLA, at last, to account for all vehicle disposals. Some hope!

The whole COD system is an utter waste of time because the DVLA cannot, or perhaps, will not enforce the regulations properly.

When we were asked for feedback on the trial, we said that the COD regulations must be widely advertised to the public for them to work and that the DVLA should, after a period of grace, start to fine owners who disposed of vehicles to unlicensed operators. These actions would make the public aware of their duties in disposing of a vehicle in the same way as taxing and mot-ing.The DVLA agreed, but as far as I know, neither idea was implemented. The DVLA has never had any real commitment to the scheme; every week I expect an announcement to say the COD system is being discontinued.

The COD system is not widely known about amongst the different departments of the DVLA and much misleading and downright wrong information is given to members of the public. On at least four occasions this year, we have had customers who have told us that not knowing how to scrap a vehicle, they have contacted the DVLA to be told basically anyone can have it and, ‘just write us a letter and tell us you have scrapped it’. No mention of CODs or ATFs. We called the DVLA pretending to be someone scrapping a car and wanting information and we pretty much received the same incorrect answer. This is just ridiculous. There needs to be clear and concise information on the V5 document, not the ambiguous nonsense there is now.

Implementation of the COD system carries a cost that is borne by the ATFs. I reckon that to issue a certificate must cost around £2.00 a time when you take in to account stationery, computer time, postage and staff costs.

Our industry is suffering greatly from the effects of the umpteen thousands of illegal operators that the Environment Agency pretty much is turning a blind eye to and it seems that the DVLA is also untroubled by the illegal disposal of vehicles. There are illegal operators who advertise in the local papers in our area with statements such as ‘DVLA authorised’,’Certificates issued’,’All DVLA paperwork done’ etc.,etc.; some even use DVLA logos in their adverts. We have brought this to the attention of the DVLA but they are just not bothered.

ATFs have invested countless thousands of pounds in equipment and training to meet all requirements put before them and it is high time that the DVLA and Environment Agency stepped up and gave them the proper support".

We don't usually publish reader letters but we felt this really sums up the utter dispair, we as an industry have when it comes to DVLA.

July 2013

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