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October 1st - the next layer of control

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Cash ban for ELVs - more pointless legislation from a system that only breeds officialdom
It’s hard not to get exasperated at the people we pay to run our country. After October 1st, 2013 we can no longer buy end of life vehicles for cash, but there’s more!

If this isn’t the most ridiculous bit of red tape then I don’t know what is. But what’s worse, everyone, whether on a site or mobile will have to hold a licence, and guess what, there’s going to be yet another big, chunky fee - but it doesn’t stop there. We must hold this licence after October 1st this year but there isn’t even an application form as yet. And, the local authorities are responsible so we could have up to 400 different forms.

The MVDA have been busy trying to find out what’s happening and get some common sense into the police (who will be enforcing the ban) and the home office who will be responsible for the law governing it. Last week they took officials around ASM in Aylesbury to show them why buying an ELV is not the same as buying scrap. After all, selling an ELV is generally a one off transaction so it is hard to equate (as we all know) the vehicle dismantler to the scrap merchant. The unfortunate point here is that it doesn’t really matter if the cash for scrap argument doesn’t apply to us, this is politics and they don’t want ‘grubby little dismantlers’ escaping their net.

We mentioned there is going to be a license that must be obtained if you wish to continue to purchase ELVs (but not for cash). This is a totally new licence over and above all the other operating and site licences you have to hold. As we previously mentioned, there are no guidelines for the form but their will be a charge. MVDA tell me that they have been informed that the licence will run for 3 years but you will also need a disclosure document to accompany the application. We don’t even know what we are disclosing as yet. We believe that this will be a police check of some sort but we don’t know if it is for the site owner, or every manager or every depot. Oh, and by the way, their will be another charge for that!

The law only affects England and Wales but Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently in consultation and are expected to have everything in place within the next year.

If I am starting to sound more than a little annoyed at this subject then you’re right. We have a system of CODs that if DVLA implemented correctly would give a full audit trail for a vehicle and makes this additional layer of red tape pointless. Unfortunately, DVLA just hide behind the freedom of information act (or is that the official secrets act) rather than proactively trying to reduce car crime in this area.

And will it stop any dishonest activity? Well, no, it will encourage it. There will always be people operating on the wrong side of the law and as with all the laws we have been forced to comply with, the police will police those who try and operate responsibly and we shall be left with the bill for everyone else.

As this is so confusing and none of us want the police breathing down their necks, MVDA are organising a seminar on Wednesday September 18th at the National Motorcycle Museum in the West Midlands which will cover how the changes affect the dismantler and what has to be done to comply. The seminar will also cover various alternatives to cash. The seminar is free for MVDA members and due to the importance of this ban, non members may book a limited number of places at a charge of £100 per delegate. To find out more, email the MVDA or call them on 01543 254254.

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