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Collecting vehicles can help the homeless?

recycling lives
Recycling Lives' Scrap Car Network not only helps collectors but also the homeless.
It’s a few year’s since we visited Recycling Lives, an auto recycling company that believes in giving something back to society and we thought you might be interested to hear about their scrap car network - here’s what they told us.

Our industry has become heavily regulated, largely in an attempt to tackle illegal dealers that damage the trade and cause misery to the victims of car crime. The most recent major example is the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, banning cash payments for scrap and requiring all dealers, including salvage brokers, to be licensed by their local authority.

The cash ban is a particular difficulty if you are buying scrap cars- most customers prefer cash payments, and may be reluctant to move to an electronic system.

Yet there is a simple way to increase your custom without any hassle- by becoming a Collection Partner to Scrap Car Network. Working through an online portal with strong search engine performance, Scrap Car Network offers customers nationwide collection of unwanted and scrap cars with competitive prices. Due to the high volume of leads we are receiving, we are looking for additional Collection Partners to provide the service in their area.

Scrap Car Network is part of the expanding network of ‘Community DotComs’ set up by Recycling Lives Ltd, a Queen’s Award winning commercial recycler. Simply by partnering with Scrap Car Network, you will gather valuable leads with zero hassle on your end. What’s more, every single lead will also help to tackle homelessness and unemployment in the UK.
How it works
Customers log on to ScrapCarNetwork.org and enter their car reg number and postcode. We then find a suitable Collection Partner within their area that can take their scrap car, and arrange a quote. This quote is based on your own price per tonne, plus a small admin fee. From this admin fee, a donation is made to the Recycling Lives charity. That way, you are not losing out or being forced to accept someone else’s prices.

Once a quote has been agreed and accepted by the customer, you can arrange a suitable date and time for collection. You now have a new, high value lead arranged without any hassle or extra expense from yourself.

Prospective Collection Partners must hold:
  • Waste Carriers Licence.
  • ATF Site Licence.
  • Public & Employers Liability Insurance.
You must also be able to produce Certificates of Destruction if you are involved in scrapping end of life vehicles. These stipulations may be dependent on circumstances- get in touch with us to discuss how it might work for your business.

The donation to Recycling Lives- taken from the small admin fee that is included in the quote- helps to support the award-winning charity tackling homelessness and unemployment. Recycling Lives is a residential scheme for males aged 25+, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Participants in the program- known as Residents- receive accommodation, education, training and work experience in order to guide them on the path towards full time employment and a place of their own.

Homelessness is a growing problem. Statistics from 2012 indicate a 31 per cent rise in rough sleepers in England from 2010. Almost 1-in-10 people in the UK are expected to face homelessness at some point in their lives. Read about one of our most recent successful Residents- Michael- who has gone from sleeping rough to his own flat and a full time job in less than six months, by clicking here!

However, rough sleeping is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people- including families with young children- are stuck in temporary or unsuitable accommodation such as bed and breakfasts, squats, or even the floors and sofas of friends and family. The so-called ‘hidden homeless’ are usually those who do not meet their local authority’s criteria for ‘statutory homeless’ and therefore are not entitled to housing. Because of this, they do not show up on official homelessness statistics and gauging an accurate figure for the ‘hidden homeless’ is difficult. However, according to national charity Crisis, 92 per cent of homeless people they surveyed had experienced hidden homelessness.

Many of the Recycling Lives Residents have experienced hidden homelessness. The reasons for finding themselves in this situation are varied, including relationship break up; job loss; leaving an institution such as prison; or being asked to leave the family home by parents. Most of us probably feel quite comfortable that we will not end up in this kind of situation. However, a government poll revealed that around 35 per cent of the population- some 8.6 million of us- would be unable to pay rent from savings should we become unemployed. A large proportion of us are, in fact, just one paycheck away from homelessness.

One of our newest Residents- Chris- is a perfect example of this. After moving to London for work, living in a house-share, without warning his world was turned upside down. Chris’ housemates failed to pay rent and, despite helping to cover their contribution, he soon found himself facing eviction and homelessness through no fault of his own. Fortunately, Chris avoided having to sleep rough by contacting homeless charity ‘No Second Night Out.’ However, he ended up staying in the charity’s temporary accommodation for five weeks, forcing him to quit his job in the process.

Chris is now within the Recycling Lives Residential programme, working towards building a new future. You can read more about his story by clicking here.

Recycling Lives has been recognised nationally for our work in tackling homelessness:
  • In 2010, we were one of only ten UK companies to be given a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainability.
  • In 2012, we were featured on Department of Work and Pensions’ website as part of the Government’s strategy, “Social Justice: transforming lives”.
  • In 2013, founder Steven Jackson was awarded an OBE for his services to employment and the community in Lancashire
By becoming a Collection Partner with Scrap Car Network, you can help Recycling Lives continue this important work- we believe that in modern day Britain, nobody should have to face homelessness.

With Scrap Car Network, you can help us tackle homelessness whilst attracting valuable leads for your business, all with zero hassle or expenditure on your end - Can you afford not to?

If you are interested in becoming a Collection Partner- and why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this free, no-hassle source of valuable leads- contact Scrap Car Network at email him or 01772 665925.

This information was supplied by Recycling Lives. If you are doing something that's a little bit different, then let us know about it - email Chris at atfPro. February 2014

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