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ARA's Damage Locator - your opportunity to introduce standards

The ARA's damage locator for body panels allows dismantlers to easily work to a uniform standard of classification. Click on the image to open a printable version.
The ARA Damage Locator will help you classify the condition of body panels with a simple code that can be recognised by anyone with the minimum of training.

FAB Recycling use this system to ensure that their customers know what they will receive when ordering a green part - it works for them, why not let it work for you?
How it works
Find the image of the panel you require and make a note of the number representing any damage on your panel. For example, if you have a door with damage in the centre area of the panel then the number you require is 5 - this is the first character of your code.

Now decide the type of damage from the list. For example, if it is what the Americans class as a ‘parking lot ding’, then the P is your second character.

Now we have to decide the extent of the damage in units. A unit is defined as damage not exceeding the surface area of a standard sized credit card, if it takes two credit cards it is two units. Then the number of units determines the grade of the part. The number of units it takes to cover the damage is our third character. For example , the ‘ding’ on our door can be covered with one credit card so the character will be 1.

Our code for this door is therefore 5P1 - anyone who knows this system will know what damage and its extent from this simple code allowing the purchasing decision to be made. If there is no damage then the code for any panel is 000.

Naturally there is more to it but the idea is to keep it simple. Bear in mind this is the ARA’s information and includes American terminology which we shall amend for UK use shortly.
Get Trained
Andy Latham of Salvage Wire has put together a course for those interested in operating the standard. There is a lot more to the ARA standards than simply the Damage Locator for body panels. Over the coming months we shall look at the standard for mechanical parts and other aspects of the standard.

Here at atfPro we feel dismantlers should start to work to these standards as soon as possible as it is essential we work together. Once we are classifying parts in a uniform manner, then we can look at using technology to link our stocks so that the body shop can have one point ordering. There is a long road ahead but the journey has to start with a first step - this is the first step!

If you would like to talk to Andy Latham about training your staff, call him on 07710 877411 or if you want to find out more about the ARA standards, visit www.a-r-a.org. Although primarily an American assoication, the ARA has many international members repesenting many countries. A number of the Leading UK auto recyclers are members and if you are interested in finding out more, then follow the links on their website.

August 2014

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