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Another outlet for Parts Bundles

Wholesale outlets in Europe for parts bundles are now available for UK dismantlers through GBC
GBC Professional are offering a new service for Parts Bundles to sellers across the UK. With no selling charges they tell us this is a unique opportunity for UK based sellers of ‘Green Recycled Parts’ and salvage vehicles.

New options to GBC services include Parts Bundles and Auctions, both of these work alongside the original vehicle salvage sales that GBC have offered for a few years now.

The attraction for sellers is that the services offered by GBC are free of charge, upload the items, sell them and receive the sales price in your bank account a few days later, it is that simple!

Removing the need to strip, tag, image, upload, sell, pack and post single parts, GBC’s system gives sellers the opportunity to sell bundles of parts simply and easily, the system lowers cost for the vehicle recycler because the parts do not need to be racked, tagged, packaged and delivered (GBC or their customer deal with the delivery), there are no returns to deal with, it gives faster turnaround of parts that do not need a guarantee, and the comfort of dealing with one customer (GBC) rather than many.

Demand across Europe is strong for many different types of vehicles, and some of these are vehicles that no longer have strong demand in the UK, so this could be a win win situation for vehicle recyclers - lower cost to sell parts, and the opportunity to sell parts that would otherwise be scrapped for much less value.

Here at atfPro we have some reservations though. We have given a great deal of support to FAB’s Parts Bundles as they are operating strict standards for the parts. GBC state that parts do not need a guarantee which does give us concerns. Parts bundles are a great concept and we love the idea but if any one can sell without fear of returns or needs for guarantees then it does worry us that it could be open to abuse and create a negative effect for the UK dismantling industry.

In response to our concerns a spokesman for GBC responded, "GBC have a rating system for sellers that counters the negative effect for the UK dismantling industry, poor ratings mean that the sellers are removed from the site and only professional sellers who maintain high standards can continue to sell. GBC are similar to FAB by selling Business to Business (B2B) only, they offer the option of selling parts bundles and whole cars and they have a rating system for their transactions, so I do not see too many differences".

We would like to hear from any users to get a better picture of this service. More details, including free sign up, are available on the GBC web site.

October 2014

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