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Adding Value to your business

FAB parts bundle
There's always another way to add that bit more to your business!
It’s not every day we get such a great example of a business adding value to its service as the one we saw when we visited airbagsforsale.com a couple of months back.

OK, airbagsforsale.com are not vehicle dismantlers as such but they are very much an integral part of the auto recycling industry; buying airbags from dismantlers and then testing and putting together sets for individuals and the repair industry (which again includes many of us) to make a repair viable.

What Cameron Bryce, the managing director of airbagsforsale.com recognised was that the majority of customers who were buying airbags were also buying parts to repair the physical damage to the vehicle. Then up popped FABBundle and suddenly there was the opportunity to buy related parts which would be required by anyone carrying out a repair.

Airbagsforsale.com now regularly bid for parts groups on FABBundle where this opportunity can be taken advantage of. After all, the benefit works two ways. As the supplier, airbagsforsale.com is adding value to a sale, increasing their bottom line and the customer is given an easy option to source many of the parts they want at the same time. This gives an added benefit of an improved relationship between customer and supplier which will hopefully result in future business.

This may not directly apply to your business; perhaps you have more than enough parts of your own for sale and the idea of FABBundle won’t help your business in the way it works for airbagsforsale.com but that’s not the point. The point is you are dealing with a customer base and the more you can serve that customer base the more you will sell and the better your relationships should grow. For example, look at it the other way, if you have the parts, then maybe you could be adding to those parts (which you can apply quality standards to) with say sets of checked and tested ARS parts or defaulted electronic components. Many in the industry also sell non-oem parts to supplement shortfalls in quality used stock. All this gives the customer a better service and yes, you can sell more, but it’s that better service that will bring the customer back to you, so think hard about what else he needs that you could help him with.

One of the privileges afforded to me, being someone who writes rather than does the job as such is that I get an in site into many different businesses. Over the years I have seen so many neat ideas that add value to a business. I have seen write-offs that have been repaired but rather than sold, they were leased to local taxi drivers. The taxi driver had a good deal and the return from the damaged vehicle was significantly higher than it would have otherwise been. I have seen sites where they would rectify the major damage on a vehicle which not only made use of the company’s supply of parts and added value to the vehicle, but also opened up the potential customer base. Then there is reconditioning and remanufacturing to increase a part’s value. You could have a Cat C but not the parts to repair it. Why not see if you get those parts off a site such as FABBundle and then offer those for sale with the vehicle – just keep adding that value!

The great thing about adding value is it’s only limited by your imagination - don’t ever forget, you’re not just selling parts or vehicles, you’re giving service to your customer - make it a good experience and that will blossom. If you have some good ideas, let us know.

You can visit airbagforsale.com here and FABBundle here.

December 2014

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