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Duesmann CAT buyers

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Autodrain Depollution Equipment

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Salvage auctions
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Understanding the bodyshop market

Here at atfPro we bang on about the potential growth in trade sales from the crash repair industry on a regular basis - why? Because it’s a £1.5bn market and we should be getting a much bigger slice than we are. In this article we look at how the bodyshop gets to ordering parts.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Major award for SS components and maybe an opportunity...

RemoveMyCar target

There’s nothing like winning a major award to bring home that you must be doing something right. SS are a top player in the core market and maybe there's an opportunity for added sales here.
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Bodyshop network looking for salvage buyers

We were speaking to one of the UK’s nationwide body repair networks recently who told us of salvage they regularly need to dispose of on behalf of a number of their clients and we thought you may be interested in it.
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OHRA racking systems

Are you geared up for the 95% target - Remove My Car are!

Remove My Car

January 1st 2015 means that the recycling target for ELV’s jumps to 95%. Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) concerned about the rising ELV recycling targets may be interested in the news that Remove My Car (RMC) has launched a new system dedicated to achieving 95% recycling rates.
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Berlin to host 15th International Automobile Recycling Congress

Want to get to the decision makers at the heart of European automotive recycling? Then visit The 15th International Automobile Recycling Congress to be held from March 25 – 27, 2015 in the Hotel Palace in Berlin, Germany.
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Remove My Car Auction

CarTakeBack.com announce regulatory approval of 2015 collection systems

Now that we have the 95% target with us, it's good to know that official approval has been given by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to CarTakeBack’s 2015 end-of-life vehicle collection systems.
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