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Every second counts when it comes to fire

Howler Site Alert RF
With this kit from Howler UK it couldn't be easier to protect your site from fire.
It’s easy to believe “It won’t happen to me”, but if it does, apart from the risks of injury and damage, a fire might just cost you your business as insurers take any opportunity to negate or reduce payments.
So what do you do? No matter how large or small your operation, some means of raising the alarm in the event of fire is essential, and that’s when every second counts. That’s why we thought the products that UK manufacturer, Howler had to offer may be of real interest to those wanting both an effective but also cost effective way of covering their site.

Howler have a comprehensive range of equipment to cover everything from the smallest to the largest of outfits but the product that really grabbed our attention is known as the Site Alert RF. This system is wireless, can be used inside or out, and allows for up to 30 units to be linked to a master unit. I know this may sound tedious but please read on as we think you will soon see why it is so suited to this industry. Because they’re wireless there’s no risk of wires getting snagged and with a range of up to 1km outside (50m inside) you can readily dot the units around to cover all those awkward places where, if fire broke out, it could be easily missed until it’s too late.

Howler Fire Posts
Howler's fire posts make it easy to reposition the alarms to wherever needed.
Another thing we like is the simplicity of the system. There’s no control panel that needs programming or fiddling with. Each unit has a simple LED to tell you if it has become disconnected so it can easily be moved to a better location. Imagine how easy that this could happen in your site. Perhaps some materials have been stored that block the signal. The LED is quite visible and as all units use batteries it is very, very easy to relocate it, even if only for a temporary period. The Site Alert RF uses conventional, off the shelf alkaline batteries, so you can change them cheaply and easily. Again, an LED warning will let you know that they require changing.

I hope you can appreciate from the above that installation is not going to be an expensive or time consuming operation. Once setup operation is so simple; press the red button to sound the alarm (and they aren’t called Howler for nothing), press it three times in succession to switch it off - that’s it!

We mentioned earlier how readily a unit can be relocated. Howler also supply a range of trollies, or Fire Posts as Howler call them, that not only the Site Alert RF can be mounted on but also, instructional information, fire extinguishers and other related products, all on a set of wheels which can be moved at a moment’s notice.

It’s worth briefly mentioning their fire extinguishers as they are maintenance free. They are made of composite materials that won’t rust and are rated for a 20 year life cycle, being guaranteed for ten. All they require is a simple visual check of the unit and to check the gauge with a magnet that’s supplied, making it an easy in-house job, so no annual maintenance bill.

We understand that it’s hard to get excited about this topic but it is a topic we all have to take seriously and make sure that we implement regulations that cover our operations and protect our employees. That being the case, Howler seems to have a system that won’t break the bank which fits in well with secondary materials operations. If you want to know more, then visit the Howler website for further details or give them a call on 01202 536800.

May 2015

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