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EV market moving at a pace now!

EV Battery
The pace of EV development means we must be prepared for major change.
There has been a great deal of news recently from the EV market which suggests it won’t be long until we have to look hard at the potential returns from EVs. Here’s a recap of what we’ve found recently - made us realise that things are happening quicker than we thought!

The next generation of the Nissan Leaf will come with new battery technology that could give the EV a range of over 300 miles. That’s getting to an acceptable range and it’s three times the capacity of the current Leaf. Nissan / Renault recently announced that they have now made a quarter of a million electric vehicles since the launch of the Leaf. You have to also recognise that the Leaf is becoming very affordable, only the other day I saw a lease deal for £189 per month!

Volkswagen don’t plan to be left behind either. With reports of a new super battery that is cheaper, smaller and more powerful than existing units, they believe they will soon have a Volkswagen that can travel 186 miles on a charge. While 186 miles isn’t the biggest range, it still more than doubles the current range of most EVs on the market.

Whilst we on battery technology, a company called M24 claim to have developed a manufacturing method and design for a battery that’s significantly cheaper. The company believe their method will drop the cost of batteries to around $85 per kWh by 2020. Current thinking is that below $100 per kilowatt hours, internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will quickly become obsolete and EVs affordable to the majority of car buyers.

Here in the UK, they’re testing roads that will recharge an EV as you drive. The Government has already spent £200,000 investigating the feasibility of this and is currently setting up an 18 month off-road trial. According to a report on Quartz, if this is successful, it hopes create electric motorways.

Wireless charging technology is a reality. South Korea has a 12km road that can charge buses on the move. The Quartz article states that the wireless technology that vehicles use is called SMFIR—it stands for shaped magnetic field in resonance. The technology involves the transfer of electric charge via magnetic fields that are generated and captured by coils installed in the road and car respectively. To keep this in perspective, many experts now believe that battery technology is growing at a pace where the need for continuous charging may become redundant.

And if you’re still not convinced that electric will take over, BMW is planning to transform its entire product lineup to electric drive over the next decade. We anticipate that this will include electric hybrid technology similar to that found in the i8, all electric and perhaps some hydrogen fuel cell models, assuming costs and infrastructure issues are economically resolved.

We will be watching developments and let you know as they happen - stay tuned!

September 2015

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