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Pick A Part finds new outlet for better quality parts

FAB Bundle
We all want to get the most out of our stock - Simon Charlton tells us how FAB Bundle has helped him.
Simon Charlton of Kent based, Pick A Part had an issue with the occasional vehicle that arrived through one of his council contracts that was just too good for a pick a part site. He can’t sell these vehicles, they must be broken, but like many of us, he knows when a car should return much more than it would by putting it in his yard.

The answer for Simon was FAB Bundle. Simon told atfPro “I must admit, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I had a car come in and I knew if I left it in my yard, many good parts that should be reused would end up damaged. We don’t normally carry out any dismantling ourselves as it goes against the concept of a pick a part site, but I thought it was worth a try with this particular vehicle, just to see what happened.”

Just in case you aren’t aware of FAB Bundle, we better explain what it is briefly. We published an article about the system here but simply put, a car is dismantled in groups of parts (bundles) which are then auctioned. For example, rear parts and lights or front parts, rad and lights. In all there are 12 different bundles covering the complete vehicle. The hulk is not included to ensure that vehicles are not returned to the road.

You can’t just strip a vehicle and put it on FAB Bundle until you have been approved. FAB has built a hard earned reputation and has to be sure about the dismantlers who are using the service. FAB visited Simon and sorted out any potential issues which then led to Pick A Part being accepted to use the service.

The vehicle in question was dismantled into the various bundle lots, auctioned and the purchasers (or are they winners) either collected or arranged collection of their lots. What surprised Simon was the intensity of bidding for the lots. He said, “I didn’t know what to expect, but anticipated that we may end up returning very little value out of the car, but I was wrong and we ended up with a healthy profit.”

At the time of writing, Simon was preparing three more vehicles for FAB Bundle but this time is marketing the idea to all his existing customers and contacts. One of the previous bundles was actually bought buy an existing customer who sells the individual parts on eBay. This has prompted Simon to make sure that all his existing customers are aware of these bundles. He said, “There are so many out there now selling parts on eBay. These bundles make it very easy for those sellers to buy wholesale. They don’t have any issues with depollution, site licences or visits from the Environment Agency. Like the customer who bought one of my bundles, they simply want to buy parts in bulk which they can then sell on.”

The other point that Simon made was how quick and efficient the whole process is. From the car arriving in the yard, to all bundles being collected took less than a month - not bad eh!

Here at atfPro we always like to hear the user’s point of view, whether that’s a piece of machinery, some software or in this case, a way of selling vehicles. After all, it’s how something works for the user that really counts.
Visit FAB Bundle here.

November 2015

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