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If the sums add up, it’s worth taking a look

JMC McIntyre’s Engine Cracker
Crushing engines - if it has potential to increase your profit, then it could be worth a look
With metals prices on the floor, we have been wondering if it still makes sense to further process ELVs in house. And then, a couple of weeks back we saw a spread sheet looking at the costs of an engine crusher with current metal prices - and we were surprised.

The spreadsheet was based around JMC McIntyre’s Engine Cracker and seemed pretty realistic, taking account of the costs to lease and operate the unit, including labour and other overheads/cost and on the other side of the equation, the value of the aluminium and steel.

We could breakdown the individual costs here but I’m sure, if you’re interested, JMC will happily send you the file, but what the figures do show is the number of engines you need to break even, and the profitability that should be attainable for larger quantities.

The break even comes in at only 38 engines per week with annual profits for higher volumes as follows:
  • 50 engines per week - £15,340.00 per year
  • 75 engines per week - £45,890.00 per year
  • 100 engines per week - £76,440.00 per year
  • 125 engines per week - £106,990.00 per year
  • 150 engines per week - £137,540.00 per year

We covered JMC’s Engine Cracker in an article here back in September 2014. The unit was being operated in Nottingham based, Bits at Micks; a business that concentrated on maximising the return from ELVs through improved scrap separation. If you think it may be of interest, take a read of the article for a better insight. There’s also a YouTube video you can watch here.

We are aware that very little in life is actually as effective as the salesman’s claim, but on the other hand, you’re in business to make a profit and if you handle a reasonable number of engines, then it could be well worth a look. After all, the engine buyer is buying them to make a profit, so it’s just a matter of bringing an extra stage closer to home. If you want to know more, visit their website or call JMC on 0115 940 9630.

Here at atfPro we do try to keep our ears and eyes open for ideas and ways for the auto recycler to gain more profit from each vehicle. We do get readers who point out to us that writing about it isn’t the same as doing it, and we do understand that. But, times are tough and we shall continue to hunt out profitable areas of potential, but it’s only you, the operator who can tell us when things work out or not - if you have a story or any interesting ideas, let us know - email us here.

January 2016

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