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OHRA racking systems

Air bag tools
Air con recovery
Cat cutters
Depollution rigs
Dismantling systems
Fuel removal
Glass removal
LPG recovery

Autodrain Depollution Equipment

machinery - ferrous
machinery - nonferrous
Oil filter crushers
Oil skimmers
Oil spill clean-up
Shock absorber tools
Storage tanks
Vehicle lifts/ramps
Vehicle tilting rigs
Wheel crushers

Fab Bundle

Air bags
Businesses for sale
Cashless trading systems
Cat buyers
Environmental Consultants
Health & safety

MVDA information

Legal assistance
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Salvage auctions
Salvage software
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Scrap ferrous
Spares locator services
Stock control software
Salvage auctions
Specialist ATFs

Credit card laws
ELV Directive
Health & safety

Missing ELVs Workshop - what was said

The MVDA ran an article recently supplied by the European body, EGARA (represents European trade associations in the EU) about a workshop discussing ‘Missing ELV’s’ that took place late November, 2016. We may be heading out of the EU but we still intend to have active trade with Europe and we are sure neither the EU or the UK will be wanting to dismantle or harm areas that work at protecting their populations. Below are EGARA’s comments from the event.
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Scrap prices higher - are you getting the benefit?

Neon See Through Car

Metals prices hopefully have further to go but they are now well off the lows of last year, and after parts sales, are the most promising area for a vehicle dismantler to capitalise on. And there are genuine reasons why now is a good time to make a start.
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McIntyre Recycling Equipment

Removing dirty fines from scrap metal improves returns

Enablelink Ltd, a well-known metal merchants formed in 2007 by Roy Millard, has just taken delivery of the UK’s first SPALECK Screen Deck designed specifically to extract dirty fines from scrap metal, leaving a clean final material.
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Maximise your space

OHRA Vehicle Racking

If you want to make more profit then you need more vehicles, and that means you need to expand. Not necessarily. It’s the start of a brand new year and it’s a great time to look at how to improve your business.
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atfProfessional advertising

Handling long-term absence

In this first part of a two part article, Amanda Jefferies explains how handling long-term absence in the workplace is a delicate matter.
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17th International Automobile Recycling Conference takes place in March

Fancy a trip to Berlin and take in the 17th IARC at the same time? They have an early bird booking until January 31st so you’ll have to get your skates on!
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Vortex depollution
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