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Header fuel removal
Autodrain Fuel Tool

Autodrain Fuel Removal

AutoDrain offer a wide variety of safe, efficient and money saving fuel removal products. Our fuel handling range includes equipment for both large and small dismantlers for fuel recovery, transport & storage options. Our Fuel Tank Drill has a unique water and sediment separator, ensuring that you only retrieve clean, reusable fuel.
Autodrain web site
Contact Autodrain by email or telephone: 0113 2059332
Address: AutoDrain, Wakefield Road,Rothwell Haigh, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 OSB

Crow fuel removal

Crow Fuel Removal

We offer a variety of solution all utilising our award winning fuel extraction tool which punctures rather than drills the tank and allows the operator to see the quality of the fuel before deciding how to recover it. For the small operator we offer a mobile kuli based solution, for the larger company we would recommend our pumping panel which sucks the fuel from the extraction tool and pumps it direct to storage tanks, clean fuel is filtered down to 5 microns and dried through our process filtration unit.
Crow Environmental web site
Contact Crow Environmental by email or telephone: 01473 290267
Address: Crow Environmental Ltd, 3 The Quadrangle Centre, The Drif, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9QR

GreenCar depollution stations

Green Car Mole Drill

Green Car pneumatic Fuel Tank "Mole" Drill for Petrol and Diesel is designed to safely and efficiently drill and then remove any excess fuel remaining in the tank.The drill gives a clean cut ensuring no fuel is left within the tank from the internal lip caused by punching.
Green Car depollution web site
Contact Green Car by email or telephone: 01684 298084
Address: Green Car Depollution Ltd, Basepoint Business Centre, Tewkesbury Business Park, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucs GL20 8SD

Iris-Mec Fuel Removal

Iris-Mec PFT Air Operated Fuel Removal Tool

Drill & suction cap to drain fluids comprising of 2 air operated pumps ATEX certificated, and 2 air operated drills with a self-blocking system for the tank. The pumps operate automatically when the drill is lifted from its holder.
Iris-Mec website
Contact Iris-Mec by email or telephone: 01604 642020
Address: CIS Ltd, 25 Hatton Close, Moulton Park Ind. Est., Northampton, NN3 6SU

SEDA TankDrillingMachine

SEDA TankDrillingMachine

When drilling into potentially explosive environments, performance is nothing without safety. The SEDA TankDrillingMachine has been university tested and declared risk free and passed easily the strict European ATEX certification test for machines used in potentially explosive environments.
The air powered machine drills into the vehicles fuel tank sucking out fuel at up to 20 liters per minute without spilling a drop and virtually without fumes. A series of filters and the optional fuel quality control ensures that the drained fuel is as clean as it can be. After drainage, the perfectly uniform hole can be easily plugged preventing residual drops of fuel contaminating your yard.
The reliable air powered drill and specially designed drill bit make light work of metal or plastic fuel tanks while the powerful vacuum unit sucks the drilling head flush against the fuel tank, creating a seal, eliminating petrol fumes and allowing a drainage rate of up to 20 liters per minute. The drilling process itself only takes a few seconds.

SEDA FuelVacuumKuli

SEDA FuelVacuumKuli

The successful SEDA FuelVacuumKuli (petrol and diesel) is the perfect solution for emptying tanks of vehicles like cars or motorbikes. This high-quality product removes fuel after for instance incorrect refuelling or repair work.
The unit consists of a mobile container (85 liters), a silenced vacuum system, an active carbon filter, a tank suction hose and an adapter connection set. Containers for diesel are also available in a green color.
This device is used by fuel stations and Automobile Associations like the Austrian ÖAMTC!

SEDA FuelManager

SEDA FuelManager

The new SEDA FuelManager is the optimal solution for decontaminating otherwise potentially useless rusty, oily or moisture rich fuel into clean and valuable fuel. Maximize your returns from scrap cars by investing in a FuelManager.
Previously useless water contaminated fuel is transformed into valuable petrol or diesel. An integrated ATEX approved pump and dispensing unit allows the easy transfer of clean filtered fuel to the fuel tanks of your vehicle fleet.

SEDA TruckStation ED-G

SEDA TruckStation ED-G

Dismantling of trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles are increasingly important for recyclers worldwide. Together with them, SEDA developed new solutions.
Old trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles have other requirements for its recycling than cars. To empty trucks without lifting platforms properly of diesel, used oil and other fluids, the SEDA drilling device has been specially adapted. Adjusted underneath the tank, the extraction is done after the drilling process automatically.
SEDA web site
Contact SEDA by email or telephone: 0750 2023859

Vortex fuel tool

Vortex Fuel Extraction Tool

The system is designed to fit in with Vortex stands, lifts or your own equipment on site. It is an easy to use two pump system with a see through head so you can see the quality of the fuel decide where to send it. It is a sealed system so petrol can be extracted at the same time as the catalytic converter is cut off and the oils are removed.
Vortex Depollution web site
Contact Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd by email
or telephone: 01246 589601
Address: Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd, Bidestone House, Astwith Close, Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S42 5UR

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