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Autodrain Wheel Popper

Autodrain Wheel Popper

Autodrain's patented Wheel Popper separates scrap wheels & tyres quickly. No dangerous crushing required like some of our competitors. Tyres removed in just 15 seconds, improving your efficiency and productivity. It is available in 3 phase electric, diesel or petrol. Only one machine require as it does steel & alloy wheels, car, light commercial & 4x4.
Autodrain web site
Contact Autodrain by email or telephone: 0113 2059332
Address: AutoDrain, Wakefield Road,Rothwell Haigh, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 OSB

Crow wheel crusher

Crow Wheel Crusher

Our wheel popper is the only fully CE guarded unit on the market. Weighing 50% heavier than its light weight opposition this rugged unit can handle steel or aluminium wheels from car to light commercial. The guarding system allows the unit to used within the de-pollution bay without fear of harming other operatives.
Crow Environmental web site
Contact Crow Environmental by email or telephone: 01473 290267
Address: Crow Environmental Ltd, 3 The Quadrangle Centre, The Drif, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9QR

Green Car Wheel Press

Green Car Depollution Wheel Press

The SR Wheel Press series can handle up to 140 wheels per hour. This heavy duty machine separates tyres from the rim quickly and safely. Designed for a high volume operation and a faster return on investment than cheaper machines. Options include auto working cycle, auto power off, manual centralised lubricator, conveyor belt, dust aspirator (If used inside) switch panel with PLC.
Green Car depollution web site
Contact Green Car by email or telephone: 01684 298084
Address: Green Car Depollution Ltd, Basepoint Business Centre, Tewkesbury Business Park, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucs GL20 8SD

Iris-Mec tyre press

Iris-Mec Tyre Presses

Iris-Mec offer a range of manual and automatic tyre presses that can handle up to 140 tyres per hour. The design is fully enclosed making the operation very safe, even when processing alloy rims.
Iris-Mec website
Contact Iris-Mec by email or telephone: 01604 642020
Address: CIS Ltd, 25 Hatton Close, Moulton Park Ind. Est., Northampton, NN3 6SU

Overton TC300

TC–300 Petrol Wheel Crusher

The most economical and efficient way to separate tyre and rim for recycling and disposal. TC-300 is designed for passenger tyres and light truck tyres up to 16.5” and is crushing with a FORCE of about 25 tons!
Separate up to 120 wheels and tyres an hour! An absolute must for every salvage company processing car wrecks and ELV vehicles. An 18 HP V-Twin, OHV, horizontal shaft commercial grade engine featuring legendary Honda durability and reliability for applications demanding smooth and quiet operation.
Model also available for commercial rims.

Overton Dismantling's web site
Contact Overton dismantling by email or telephone: 01224 722354
Address: Overton Dismantlers, Overton Garage Ltd, off Dyce Drive
Aberdeen Scotland AB21 0EQ



SEDA´s T-REC is the innovative and well thought through answer to quickly and easily separate tyres from wheel rims. T-REC stands for Tyre-Recycling and that is what you will do easily with T-REC help.
A simple and uncomplicated way to separate tyres from rims fast was the motivation for building the SEDA T-REC.
Safe, quick, economical.
The SEDA T-REC offers:
• Fixing system for wheels
• Additional fixing pin
• Visual shiver safety cage
• Quick-adjustment system – tyre dimension from 13" to 17"
With its unique quick adjustment system the SEDA T-REC can separate tyres from all sizes of rims, steel and alloys up to a maximum size of 17 inch.
Safety comes first at SEDA which is why our T-REC incorporates a piercing system that deflates the tyre and hold it in place while the tough hydraulic ram seperates the rim from the tyre.



This advancement of the SEDA T-REC assured more power and size. Incorporating ingenious time saving and safety features not seen anywhere else ensure that the SEDA T-REC XXL will quickly establish itself as the number one solution for tyre separating technologies.
A self raising plastic and steel mesh guard protects the user from shattered alloy rims. A unique safety feature of the SEDA T-REC XXL.
The separation of the tyre and wheel rim is guaranteed. An optional new laser aiming system helps to place the wheel correctly. A powerful hydraulic system means a cycle time of only 20 seconds.
SEDA web site
Contact SEDA by email or telephone: +43 5375 6318-0
Address: SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Schwendterstraße 10
6345 Kössen, AUSTRIA

Vortex Wheel Crusher

Vortex 830 wheel crusher

The fastest solution for the safe separation of tires from wheels. Up to 120 wheels/hr. Max tyre diameter of 833mm (32.1/2 inches) and powered by a 22kw electric motor. Vortex 830 gives high performance, robustness and is easy to use.
Vortex Depollution web site
Contact Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd by email
or telephone: 01246 589601
Address: Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd, Bidestone House, Astwith Close, Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S42 5UR

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